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26. Mai 2023

Language trip of the 4RHET, 24-29 April 2023

And we were off to London…

A few fresh Londoners in front of St Paul’s Cathedral.

And we were off to London…

… after such a long time of not being allowed to travel abroad and have learning experiences outside the classroom. Thus this was the first longer trip for the 4RHET, and it is fair to say that we had a great time in Britain’s capital. Some of our highlights were:

Tower Bridge – Stamford Bridge Stadium – London Eye – Warner Bros. Studios – 

Sherlock Holmes Escape Room – IFS Cloud Cable Car

Let’s take a look at some of the students’ comments:

“I thought that the people in London wouldn’t be friendly, but I was wrong. They were awesome and always helped you if you were having problems.”

“I must honestly say that I was very surprised by Westminster Abbey; the architecture really impressed me.”

“One cultural aspect of London that is particularly noteworthy is the number of Indian people living there. Indians are the most represented ethnicity apart from whites. That is because India was a British colony once.”

“The experience inside the capsule of the London Eye was amazing. […] As you were getting higher, your horizon was expanding and you could glance at some more beautiful buildings in the distance. […] The ride was one of the most memorable moments of the trip.”

“I talked to a lot of strangers during the London trip, but I had the longest conversation with the tour guide at Stamford Bridge. She first asked my classmate and me where we came from and if we were enjoying London so far. […] Our conversation partner was very nice overall and interested in what we were saying.”

“The whole subway system is great because there are a lot of lines and stations. […] However, as a student of a technical college, I must say that the flickering lights concern me, since I can’t figure out why it happens; and, along with the screams of iron wheels on iron tracks, it can give off a sort of “haunted” vibe.”

“One cultural aspect I liked very much was the absence of litter. You could hardly find any rubbish lying on the streets, even though there were not a lot of trash cans nearby.”

“There were people from all over the world. Everyone was either working in London or just visiting. As I was riding the tube I saw that everyone around me was dressed differently.”

Accompanying teachers: Patrick Flaßer, Michael Grabner

We would like to thank the BULME Parent Association for financially supporting this language trip.

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